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Prepare for Aging Bodies

IMG_1767When we were young, we always thought that we will stay forever young, and we would never imagine ourselves getting aching bodies, losing muscle mass, getting tired after some chores.  But slowly, we are realizing that unless we take good care of our bodies, they will go into decline as we age. We get injuries more frequently now after our badminton games, our muscles get tight, and our backs ache if we don’t get a good night sleep.

One day while we were getting some treatment on a possible pinch nerve in our arms with a physiotherapist, we noticed that we can book a half-hour consultation with a kinesiologist.  In this consultation session, we learned that while getting treatment from massage therapists and physiotherapists are good for tired muscles or injuries, we can prevent these symptons by working with a kinesiologist to strengthen our core.  The kinesiologist explained to us that a strong core is needed to keep us in good shape as we age, minimize injuries to our back, neck and shoulders (which causes pinched nerves), as well as help us improve on our badminton games.  We booked a one-hour session between the two of us, and it was fun and educational, as we learned to exercise our abdominal, lat, back, and the muscles around the pelvis.  Strong core muscles also improve our postures, so that we don’t slough as we age.  We wish that we had started this training earlier.