We are a boomer couple trying to figure out our path forward to the next chapter of our lives.

We grew up in Vancouver, and went to Peterborough upon our university graduation.  After one year, we decided to move back to Vancouver to be close to our families.  However, the job market went sour in the mid-80’s, and we had to move back to Ontario (Kenora) to further our careers.  Two years later, we moved to Prince Rupert BC, for a better job opportunity, and two years after that, we moved to Gibsons BC, for another career advancement.  We had two young children by then, and when the eldest was going into kindergarten, we decided to settle in Burnaby BC to raise our two children.

24 years later, our children are all grown up, established their careers, and have moved away.

We are now at a stage where we can consider retiring from working life to something new and exciting.

We hope to journal our thought processes relating to issues on retirement planning, finances, hobbies, and our travels.