Land Border Crossings

Leaving Uzbekistan and entering Kyrgystan
Leaving Uzbekistan and entering Kyrgyzstan

In my opinion, crossing country borders by land is much more exciting than by air.  In the old days, air transportation is costly and limited in the choices, so overland travel is more common.  Nowadays with discount airlines and people having limited vacations, it is cheaper and less time consuming to just fly everywhere.  People can visit different countries by cruises too, especially to all the coastal cities and islands.

India - Nepal border
Hectic India – Nepal border

For me, going through the areas bordering countries is exciting and interesting, even though going through customs and immigration can be stressful.  It is interesting to think that just because of some arbitrary fence, wall or invisible line that is drawn up, people are separated in their way of living and are restricted in their freedom to move, even though they may come from similar backgrounds or environment.

Decided to cross into Zimbabwe to see that side of the Victoria Falls first. This is the Victoria Falls bridge.
Crossing the Victoria Falls Bridge to enter Zimbabwe from Zambia.

 Here is a summary of our land/ferry border crossings (73) so far:

Border Crossings   / Crossing Details /    Year
1 Canada USA, Surrey-Blaine (via Peace Arch crossing) 1971
2 USA Mexico, San Diego-Tijuana (via rental car) 1971
3 Canada USA, Surrey-Blaine (via Pacific crossing) 1975
4 Canada USA, Delta-Point Roberts (via highway) 1976
5 Canada USA, Fort Erie-Buffalo (via Peace Bridge) 1980
6 Canada USA, Niagara Falls-Niagara Falls (via Rainbow Br.) 1980
7 Canada USA, Windor-Detroit (via Ambassador Bridge) 1981
8 Canada USA, Waterton-Glacier (via boat across Lake) 1983 9 Canada USA, Rossland-Northport (via own car) 1983
10 Canada USA, Fort Frances-I Falls (via Fort Frances Bridge) 1985
11 Canada USA, Stewart-Hyder (via highway) 1988
12 Canada USA, Aldergrove-Linden (via Aldergrove crossing) 1991
13 Canada USA, Abbotsford-Sumas (via Sumas crossing) 1991
14 USA Mexico, Nogales-Nogales (via foot) 1992
15 USA Mexico, Catalina Island-Ensenada (via cruise ship) 1994
16 USA Bahamas, Fort Lauderdale-Freeport (via cruise ship) 1995
17 USA Canada, Bellingham-Vancouver (via cruise ship) 1998
18 Canada USA, Vancouver-Ketchikan (via cruise ship) 2001
19 USA US Virgin Is, Fort Lauderdale-St. Thomas (via ship) 2001
20 Hong Kong China, Hong Kong-Shenzhen (via MTR & foot) 2006
21 Hong Kong China, Hong Kong-Macau (via ferry) 2006
22 Argentina Brazil, Puerto Iguazú-Foz do Iguaçu (via bridge) 2008
23 Brazil Paraguay, Foz do Iguaçu-Ciudad del Este (via bridge) 2008
24 Hong Kong Macau, Hong Kong-Macau (via ferry) 2009
25 Macau China, Macau-Zhuhai (via foot) 2009
26 China Hong Kong, Zhuhai-Hong Kong (via ferry) 2009
27 Czech Republic Slovakia, Prague-Bratislava (via train) 2009
28 Slovakia Hungary, Bratislava-Budapest (via train) 2009
29 Slovakia Austria, Bratislava-Vienna (via train) 2009
30 Germany Poland, Berlin-Szczecin (by train) 2009
31 India Nepal, Sunauli-Bhairawa (via highway) 2009
32 South Africa Namibia, Pofadder-Keetmanshoop (via road) 2010
33 Namibia Botswana, Buitepos-Mamuno (via road) 2010
34 Botswana Zambia Kasane-Kazungula (via pontoon ferry) 2010
35 Zambia Zimbabwe, Livingstone-Victoria falls (via bridge) 2010
36 Argentina Chile Calafate-Puerto Natales (via highway) 2011
37 Chile Argentina, Puerto Arenas-Ushuaia (via highway) 2011
38 China Tibet, Xining-Lhasa (via high speed train) 2011
39 China Nepal, Zhangmu-Koderi (via Sino-Nepal Bridge) 2011
40 Egypt Jordan, Taba-Aqaba (via ferry) 2012
41 Jordan Israel, Amman-Jerusalem (via shared taxi) 2012
42 Israel Palestine, Jerusalem-Bethlehem (via tour van) 2012
43 Norway Sweden, Oslo-Stockholm (via train) 2012
44 Sweden Estonia, Stockholm-Tallinn (via overnight ship) 2012
45 Estonia Finland, Tallinn-Helsinki (via fast ferry) 2012
46 Finland Russia, Helsinki-St. Petersburg (via overnight ship) 2012
47 Denmark Sweden, Copenhagen-Malmo (via train) 2012
48 USA Mexico, El Paso-Ciudad Juarez (by foot) 2013
49 Turkmenistan Uzbekistan,Turkmenabat-Bukhara(via truck)2013
50 Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan, Andijan-Osh (via overland truck) 2013
51 Portugal Spain, Faro-Seville (via bus) 2013
52 Spain Gibraltar, La Linea-Gibraltar (by foot) 2013
53 Spain Morocco, Tarifa-Tangier (by fast ferry) 2013
54 Romania Bulgaria, Bucharest-Sofia (by bus) 2014
55 Bulgaria Macedonia, Sofia-Skopje (by bus) 2014
56 Macedonia Kosovo, Skopje-Pristina (by bus) 2014
57 Macedonia Albania, Ohrid-Tirana (by bus) 2014
58 Albania Montenegro, Shkodra-Podgorica (private driver) 2014
59 Montenegro B & H, Herceg Novi-Trebinje (private driver) 2014
60 Bosnia & Herceg Croatia, Mostar-Dubrovnik (by bus) 2014
61 Croatia Serbia, Zagreb to Belgrade (by bus) 2014
62 Serbia Bulgaria, Nis to Sofia (by bus) 2014
63 UK Belgium, London to Brussels (via Eurostar) 2015
64 Belgium Luxembourg, Brussels to Luxembourg City (train) 2015
65 Ireland Northern Ireland, Newgrange to Belfast (rental car) 2015
66 Northern Ireland Ireland, Sligo to Ballina (rental car) 2015
67 Canada USA, Haines Junction to Haines (rental car) 2015
68 USA Canada, Skagway to Whitehorse (rental car) 2015
69 Austria Italy, Innsbruck to Brenner (train) 2015
70 Italy Austria, Bolzano to Feldkirch (rental car) 2015
71 Austria Liechtenstein, Feldkirch to Vaduz (rental car) 2015
72 Liechtenstein Switzerland, Vaduz to Lugano (rental car) 2015
73 Switzerland Italy, Lugano to Como (rental car) 2015

Going from Chile (Puerto Arenas) to Argentina (Ushuaia)
Going from Chile (Puerto Arenas) to Argentina (Ushuaia)
I took a sneak photo at the Friendship Bridge crossing (even though we were not supposed to)
Almost got into big trouble when I took this photo at the Friendship Bridge crossing from China to Nepal (even though that were big signs not to do so)

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